We are proud of our kennel - and it shows!  

We have a large, established base of regular "vacationers" and most of the pets know us when they rush in the door.  They have to say "Hey" to everyone!

Boarding does not have to be a bad experience for any pet.  If one is somewhat timid when coming in, we give them space so that they can have a smooth transition into the kennel enivornment.  We strive to let the pet's be themselves and enjoy their time here at "camp"!

For dogs, we provide mats, fleece beds, cots and quilted bedding.  For those that have cats, we have beds, mats, and hiding beds.  We have cat condos available which have more room and shelves so that they can get up higher and watch what is going on.  These are great for 2 cat households as it provides more room!  We have indoor/outdoor runs and all of our boarders are kept in a climate controlled environment. 

The kennel has a large, tree shaded, fenced-in yard that provides additional exercise for those of you that wish to have your dog(s) "run in the grass" time.

We also board "senior citizens", those with special needs, and those who have not been socialized or are rescues dealing with issues as well as Rabies Quarantines through Animal Control.    We give everyone a chance to relax and just be themselves! 

Heather is our Kennel Manager,  She has been with us since 2007.  The dogs love to see her when they come to board.  She believes in one on one attention!  Many times if we are unable to handle a dog or cat, we call on her because the pets trust her because she spends so much time with them when they board! 

Jacob Sapp is our Assistant Kennel Manager. His Mother, Nancy, ran the kennel for over 15 years.   There are several part time employees that go to high school and college.  The kennel is and has been a  great stepping stone to many young adults on their way to careers in Veterinary Medicine. 

She is also very knowledgable when it comes to your pet's normal behavior at the kennel.  She reports anything that she thinks may be out of the ordinary for your pet.  This includes illness, lethargy and diarrhea to name a few.  She is able to detect subtle changes in your pet that other people would never notice.  For this reason alone, we feel very confident that your pet is safe with us.  The Veterinary Hospital is located just below the Kennel so if anything arises, it can be taken care of in a timely manner.

Kennel Hours

Monday though Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday 8am - 12 noon and 2:30pm - 4pm (2:30 - 4:00 are considered after-hours)

Sunday 8am - 10am and 2:30 - 4:00 pm 

(Sunday is considered after-hours) 


Misc. Fees

Boarding, Long term discount......................$3.00

Boarding/Drop off with no reservation.......$12.00

Boarding-Admin. Heartworm prevention.....$5.00

Boarding.......Special Handling............$10.00

Boarding Fees

Boarding 0-10lbs............$16.00

Boarding 10.1 to 20lbs........$17.00

Boarding 20.1 to 40lbs.........$18.00

Boarding 40.1 to 60lbs........$19.00

Boarding 60.1 to 80 lbs........$20.00

Boarding 80.1 to 100lbs......$21.00

Boarding over 101.1 lbs and over......$22.00

Boarding large run ONLY.........$25.00

Google review-----Five Stars!  This place is absoultely amazing and the best fit for my fur baby who is almost 14 years old.  The manager of the kennel, Heather, is like a dog whisperer with my Dutch!!  I never worry about leaving him there for a week!! And!!! The prices are very reasonable!!!   Marilyn Sparnicht

Welcome to the most established kennel in the triad area!  If you want your pet(s) truly watched over with lots of personal attention-this is the place for you!